Most Carrickmacross Students Overlooking A Very Obvious Solution To Summer Boredom

Have you just finished school for the summer?

Wanting to try something new on your days off from football training?

Then here is a new way you can avoid lying around the house with nothing to do, avoid wasting time trying sports that you find really boring, all the while mastering a new sport and having a laugh with your friends.

How often in the past week were you lying on the couch endlessly scrolling through IG? How many times did you find yourself bored and looking for something to do besides football?

Both of these situations can be easily avoided!

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These situations are very common now that you’re off for the summer, but here’s the thing: Students from the Carrickmacross/Kingscourt area who (like you) were bored silly on their days off, are now out playing a new sport with their friends and having a great laugh.

These students started playing golf with each other since they finished school at the end of May, some of them have even been out 3-4 times a week between trainings and matches!

These students have been able to enjoy themselves by learning the sport together, helping each other on how to hit the ball properly - all while not taking the golf too seriously and having good fun.

And pretty much every time - they pick up the skills very easily, and become very good at golf very quickly. Here’s why:

Our Resident Golf Pro Discovered Why Students Get Good At Golf So Quickly...

If you do any other physical activity or sport - like these students do, you will already have the flexibility and the strength you need to hit great shots and learn how to play golf very well. Essentially..

You will be able to master a new sport and enjoy the challenge along the way. And most importantly, Golf Professionals have discovered that as students, you don’t need to have previous experience to be able to pick it up quickly and master it. Here’s how:

We have just opened more spaces for student memberships to join our club and start challenging yourself with mastering a new sport.

And the best part?

Now with the stretch in the evenings, you and your friends have full access to the course all day - so you can play as often as you like and really enhance your new skills and have a fun challenge with your friends.

All you need to do is fill out the short form below to download our "Membership Experience" brochure and see how you can get started with a new challenge with your friends.