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How A Membership at Mannan Castle Golf Club will expand your business, form life-long friendships and provide a fun and safe environment for your kids

Are you currently playing different courses each week or month with your friends but secretly wish you could have a friendly club to play at?

Maybe you’re just starting off and don’t know where you can join a casual, safe and relaxed atmosphere where you and your kids can learn.

At Mannan Castle Golf Club, we understand that you don’t have the time to spend 4 hours on a golf course away from your family and friends. We’ve also eliminated the massive price-tags that are associated with certain golf clubs, so that you can have more freedom to play whenever you want, without breaking the bank.

Perhaps you’ve tried inquiring about joining a club, but don’t know where to start or what options you have. We understand that this is a stressful task, so we have made it easy for you.

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How we are different:

Most clubs will try and get mass amounts of members in to the club so that they can increase their bottom line, completely disregarding the opinions and desires of the members. Not us.

We treat every member as a valued part of our community, and always make sure they feel comfortable as a member. After all, we are known as “Ireland’s Friendliest Club”.

If you’ve ever thought “What if I could just play golf in a friendly club where I can meet new people and also have a fun/safe environment for my kids”, then you will definitely want to be a part of our club.

Before joining Mannan Castle in 2017, I was new to golf and I didn’t know where the best place was for me to learn and enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend Mannan Castle Golf Club to anyone who is looking to take up golf or just to get out and play with great members and have fun”

- Patrick Byrne - Member Since 2017 -
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A Membership Experience Like No Other:

A membership at Mannan Castle Golf Club ticks all the boxes. We have an immaculate 18 hole course with the perfect layout to allow you to play 5,6 or 9 holes when you don’t have the time for a full round.

You have total freedom to use our driving range, putting green and chipping green to improve your game and let your kids learn the beautiful game in a fun and safe environment.

Our beautiful Castle restaurant and clubhouse offer stunning dishes from our resident chef Tommy, all in a casual and relaxed dining atmosphere.

You won’t have to worry about fitting in with our members, as we pride ourselves in the absence of the strict formalities that is normally associated with golf clubs.

How to apply to become a member at Mannan Castle Golf Club

New members are always welcome at our club, so if you feel you would like to become a part of our friendly golfing community, simply download our “Membership Experience” brochure where you can find all the details you need to become a member at Mannan Castle Golf Club.