Why having your outing at Mannan Castle Golf Club makes your life easier

If you’re currently looking to book a venue to hold your outing, society, classic or fund-raiser., you are most likely getting stressed out, as you have no idea as to what venue offers the best value for your big important event. You are trying to decide on a venue but your boss is fussy, other clubs are offering you cheap deals and the hassle of it all is just making you wonder why you took on with the role of organizing the event in the first place!

What if you (as the organizer) could have a venue that provides an easy stress free day and a truly memorable experience for your guests, all the while you get the credit for organizing an amazing event?

Hosting our annual event at Mannan Castle Golf Club has allowed our events to run smoothly and professionally from the moment we contacted them. Our guests always love the course and how it can be altered to our specific taste.

- Thomas Cunningham - Held his event at Mannan Castle since 1995 -

The perfect venue for your perfect outing

At Mannan Castle Golf Club, we facilitate to all standards of golf, so there’s no need to worry about your special guests complaining of the difficulty of the course. We have 4 different grades of tee-boxes to cater for the difficulty of your choice.

We treat your guests as royalty and ensure that they have a memorable experience at every point of contact along the way. Your guests will have a large variety of stunning dishes prepared fresh daily by our Head Chef Tommy in our Castle Restaurant, located in our clubhouse overlooking the 18th green.

How to book your outing at Mannan Castle Golf Club:

If you would like to book your outing so that you as the organizer can have an enjoyable, successful and stress-free day, simply call our office or pro shop on 0429663308 and we will look after the rest for you.